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pastrixPastrix by Nadia Bolz-Weber

Opinionated, direct, open and honest are just a few words to describe Nadia Bolz-Weber. Pastrix is her story about how she became a Lutheran pastor. She boldly embraces the negative term of pastrix. She chronicles her life from a strict religious upbringing, through her years as an alcoholic and finally to her life as a wife, mother and pastor.

I was immediately drawn into her story, but I did start to tire of the format. I had a hard time following some the philosophical and religious detours that she took, but I ultimately did draw inspiration from her words and her story. One image that still lingers for me is her getting hit on by bikers and construction workers because of her many tattoos. But, she says, they did not realize that her tattoos were of Mary Magdalene.

She may be unconventional, but that is probably what I liked best about her. She does not fit into any mold.  From a woman who got her start as a stand- up comic and later found her calling delivering the eulogy for a friend in a crowded bar, she discusses religion in a frank manner. I worry this may turn some people off. But, if you can keep an open mind, you may just learn a thing or two from this tattooed pastrix.


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