What We Are Reading Now

 The Yellow House: a novel  by: Patricia Falvey

                This is a historical fiction novel about the creation of Northern Ireland set amid a love story. Falvey does a remarkable job of seamlessly weaving the two stories together. She pulls the reader along in this hard- to- put down debut novel.

                The book takes place in Northern Ireland between the early 1900’s and the early 1920’s. During this time we see the start, and end, of World War I, and the separation of Ireland into North and South. Falvey does a good job of explaining the historical events of this time period in a way that is both interesting and educational.

                The love story is sweet and also well done because it is written in Falvey’s poetic style. These character’s lives are equally in turmoil as Ireland herself. You will find yourself rooting for them throughout the many twists and turns this story takes.

                If you want to learn a bit more about Irish history, and if you enjoy a good love story, then this is the book for you.


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