What We Are Reading Now

Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting       Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Drukerman

            This has been a hugely popular non-fiction book. I was finally able to procure a copy, and was anxious to start reading it. As a new mom, I was curious to hear what the French had to say about parenting.

            Drukerman is an American journalist who falls in love with a British journalist who happens to live in Paris, France. She moves to Paris on a whim that proves to be a good decision. She and Simon get married and soon have a little girl whom they affectionately nickname, Bean. As if navigating the waters of new parenthood wasn’t difficult enough, Drukerman couples those challenges with learning the rhythms of a foreign culture.

            This book is honest and funny as Drukerman recounts her experiences with all aspects of French parenting; from food to daycare and discipline. She does a fine job of covering a wide range of child-rearing topics. In each chapter, she supported her experiences with the expertise of different parenting experts.

            I enjoyed experiencing parenting in another culture. I think it has enhanced what I am learning as a new parent. I did find at times that the parts of the chapters where Drukerman delved off into the supporting theories from parenting experts to be a bit slow. Although, it did enhance the story, I found it did slow down the momentum of the story. I much preferred her humorous take on things.

            I find myself even now reflecting on the book and comparing my experiences to hers. It was definitely worth a read.


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