Cutting for Stone: A Novel by Abraham Verghese

On a harrowing journey across the sea, a British surgeon meets a beautiful Indian nun. Once they arrive in Africa, the two part ways, but Sister Mary Joseph Praise and Thomas Stone meet again at the missionary hospital, Missing, in Ethiopia where she becomes his assistant in the operating room.  It comes as a surprise to all at Missing, including Dr. Stone, when Sister goes into labor with twins, the result of a secret union between herself and the doctor. The twins arrive in the world orphaned as their mother loses her life during labor and Thomas Stone vanishes immediately after their birth. The boys are quickly adopted by two doctors on the staff and raised on the grounds of Missing. Set in Ethiopia and New York City, the story is told over the course of decades through the eyes of Marion, one of the twins. 

 Beautifully written, it is a deeply moving, compelling story with characters the reader can identify, admire, and empathize with. Not to be missed, a great book for book clubs!


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One response to “Cutting for Stone: A Novel by Abraham Verghese

  1. Jeanne Pollock

    I loved this book!! gave me much knowledge re:upheaval in ethiopia and also the struggle of professionals emigrating to USA and their reduced status until they can prove their prof. knowledge.

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