New Releases from Maine Authors

The Sweet Relief of Missing Children by Sarah Braunstein
A work of suspenseful literary fiction, The Sweet Relief of Missing Children begins with the disappearance of Leonora, a young girl from New York City. The story flashes to back to introduce Paul, raised by a negligent mother, he decides to run away. Alternating chapters explore what happened to Leonora, and eventually explains how the stories of all characters involved are interconnected.

This Life is in Your Hands by Melissa Coleman
In the 1968, Coleman’s young parents, great admirers of Living the Good Life authors, Helen and Scott Nearing, move to Maine to begin a new life of homesteading and completely living off of the land. The author is born soon after their arrival in Maine and she tells of her years on the homestead with her family and the network of people who have come to apprentice at the farm. Life on the farm becomes stressful and is filled with tragedy. Coleman loses her younger sister to drowning when she is only a few years old. Shortly after that, her parents separate and the delicate walls of the life that the Coleman’s have set out to live come crumbling down.

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