What We Are Reading Now

Bent Road by Lori Roy
Arthur Scott left Kansas as a young man shortly after the murder of his older sister. He moved to Michigan, married Celia, and together they are raising their two children in Detroit until the 1967 riots begin. Panicked, Arthur decides that it is time to return to the family homestead on Bent Road in Kansas to protect his family. But as the Scott family arrives in town, another girl goes missing and  family secrets and ghosts from long ago are suddenly resurrected.  


The Uncoupling by Meg Wolitzer
In a sleepy suburb in New Jersey, the local high school decided to do a production of the Greek comedy, Lysistrata, in which the women refuse to engage in physical relations with their Greek warriors in order to end a decades-long war. Soon after the start of rehearsal, as if a spell were cast, girls and women in town start turning away from their own boyfriends, husbands, and lovers. A humorous, honest, and engaging look at relationships.


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