What We Are Reading Now

Bloodroot by Amy Greene

Set in the mountains of Tennessee, Bloodroot tells the sad and heartbreaking story of several generations of one family. Narrated in six different voices, the central character is Myra who grows up on Bloodroot Mountain with grandmother, Byrdie. Myra falls in love with the dark John Odom and leaves the mountain after their marriage, always yearning to go back. The beautifully intertwining stories of the characters tell of love, loss, and trying to find your way back home.

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

Freedom is Franzen’s fourth, highly lauded novel primarily set in suburban Minnesota. Walter and Patty Berglund along with their children, Joey and Jenna, seem like the picture-perfect family. Patty, a former college athlete, is a stay-at-home mom and her college sweetheart-husband, Walter, is an environmental lawyer. But things are not as wonderful as they seem. Soon, Joey moves out of his parent’s house and in with the neighbors and Patty’s college crush and Walter’s best friend, Richard, comes back into their lives causing friction. Freedom is told from the viewpoints of multiple characters, charting the dismantling of a seemingly perfect family.

A Visit from the Goon Squad (audio book) by Jennifer Egan

A Visit from the Goon Squad is narrated in several voices, among them are Bennie Salazer, an aging rocker, his mentor, Lou, and his beautiful assistant, Sasha. The story unwinds over the course of decades and each character reveals secrets and past histories to the reader that they cannot reveal to each other. Audio version is read by Roxana Ortega.


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