Stieg Larsson Read-Alikes

Stieg Larsson’s popular Millenium Trilogy (first in the series is The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) has appeared on the best sellers list, first in hardcover and then in paperback, for a good, long run. Unfortunately, Larsson passed away before the books were ever published leaving readers with the question of what to read next. Even though there may not be anything exactly like Larsson’s books, here are a few reading suggestions:

Sun Storm and The Blood Spilt by Asa Larsson
Larsson’s books, set in Sweden, are part of the Rebecka Martinsson series. Larsson won Sweden’s Best First Crime Novel Award for the first book in this thriller series.

Don’t Look Back (Inspector Sejer Series #2) by Karin Fossum
Fossum’s books evoke a similar feeling of dark suspense as Steig Larsson’s trilogy. The first book of Fossum’s Inspector Konrad Sejer crime series is not yet available in English, as is the same with a few of her other novels in the series. But don’t let that discourage you from exploring this author!

In the Woods and The Likeness by Tana French
These books take place in Ireland so the mystery writing style still differs from American authors. French’s books are character-centered and cleverly-paced. She builds psychological suspense throughout the story to keep the reader turning the pages. French’s first two books (In the Woods and The Likeness) share characters, although they are stand alone novels.

Detective Inspector Huss (Inspector Irene Huss series #1) by Helene Tursten
Another brave heroine! Though I am sure a bit different than we would imagine Lisabeth Salander. Tursten’s novels are classic crime.

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