Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink

In dark, cold upstate New York in the 19th century, Lia and Alice, 16-year old twin sisters from a wealthy family, and their younger brother Henry are left orphaned after the passing of their father. Even before her sadness of her father’s passing can begin to ebb, Lia notices a strange mark on the inside of her wrist. She does not remember how she came to receive the mark but discovers that it may have connections to a mysterious text that James, Lia’s boyfriend, finds in her late father’s library. The text tells of the ages old Prophecy of the Sisters. This prophecy will turn Lia and Alice into enemies in the fight against evil.

This fast-paced, slightly-spooky, adventurous book is the first in a trilogy. Those looking for a new, different series after reading the Hunger Games trilogy may enjoy the character-centered plot of these books as well. Guardian of the Gate, the second book,  has just been released and the third installment fo the series is expected in August of 2011.


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