I Choose Life by Jerry L. Jennings, Joseph S. Finkelstein, and Goldie Finkelstein

I Choose Life is a true-life account of the Holocaust. It is told in two parts, part one by Sol Finkelstein, and part two by Goldie Cukier. Each gives their separate heart-breaking accounts of their years during the Holocaust. Each recounts the sadness of  losing family and friends and talks about the horror of their lives in the concentration and labor camps. After the war, Sol and Goldie’s stories are joined as they meet at a Displaced Persons camp, fall in love, and are married.

A sorrowful, no-holds barred story that ends on a surprisingly hopeful note. You will fall in love with Sol and Goldie and marvel at their tremendous courage.

This book is suggested for those that have an interest in World War II, the Holocaust, Anne Frank, and other true life accounts and memoirs of this time period. Available now at the Gray Public Library.


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