Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon

When the book begins, you think you are reading three seemingly unrelated stories.

Ryan is a college student and in the middle of his sophomore year in the midst of failing grades, he walks off his college campus and disappears, “dead” to all that know him. He joins his father, Jay, in rural Michigan where Jay is running computer scams and embezzling money. Ryan only very recently found out that Jay is his real father, having been raised by Jay’s sister and her husband as their own.

Lucy is a recent high school graduate, running away from small-town Ohio with her history teacher, George. Once arriving in Nebraska where George grew up, Lucy begins to realize the George is not the man that she thought he was.

Miles has been looking for his twin brother Hayden for ten years, trailing him across the U.S. Every time, he misses his elusive and presumed schizophrenic brother by just mere days or weeks.

The chapters alternate between each story in this book that reads like a psychological thriller. A very compelling read!


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