Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the memoir Eat, Pray, Love and the novel Stern Men, returns with Committed. The tag line for her new book, “A skeptic makes peace with marriage”, is about Gilbert’s own journey with coming to terms with once again being part of a married couple. Felipe, Gilbert’s partner whom she met in Indonesia in her first memoir, was born in Brazil but has Australian citizenship. Felipe and Gilbert happily “cohabitate”, travelling between her home in the U.S. and many exotic locales. On a return trip to one of these destinations, Felipe is refused entrance into the U.S. The only way that the couple could continue to be together in America is to get married.

Gilbert’s book is the story of her own experiences, in combination with some of the history of marriage, and the examination of what marriage means and the roles of husband and wife  in different cultures. She strikes an effective balance between journalism and her own reflections.

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